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4 oz Fragrance

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50 Shades of Gray (Smells like a sexy and fruity massage oil)

A Thousand Wishes (BBW Type. A wonderful dupe of the original)

Abercrombie (Fierce cologne type)

Agent 007 (OMG! Such perfect sophistication in a cologne scent. Mature and classy. Perfect blend of clean, ozone, fruity, floral, earthy and moss. If James Bond had a cologne, this would be it! Safe to use in skin care products)

Amaretto (Just like the drink. Sweet blend of cherry and vanilla. A great fall and winter scent)

Amazon (Like the rainforest, this scent is complex and unique. Sweet fruity fragrance, with smoothing green herbal notes. If you like Monkey Farts, you may love this one)

Amaretto Nog   (Our CUSTOM blended Egg Nog, mixed wih our delicious Amaretto)

Apple (A true apple scent. Smells just like a Macintosh apple. Not candy like)

Aqua (Ocean water scent. Light and breezy, with Sicilian Orange, Star Jasmine, Cedar& Musk)

Autumn Spice:  A warm blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove spices with zesty orange peel and apple.

AVENTUS by CREED (Almost perfect dupe of the $400.00 cologne. Just amazing. Top notes of Bergamot, Black currant leaves, apple and Pineapple. Middle notes of Pinkberries, Birch, Patchouli and Jasmine. Base notes of Musk, Oakmoss, Ambergris and Vanilla. 

Baby Powder

Baja Cactus (BBW Type)

Banana (Like Banana Laffy Taffy. Sweet, heavenly banana smell. STRONG!)

Banana Bliss (So HEAVENLY! Our delicious banana scent PERFECTLY blended with mild but sweet floral scents, matcha tea and rice milk).

Bayside Marina (Crisp fresh sea air, agave nectar with rich floral notes of ylang ylang, wild hydrangea, lavender, vetivert & willow bark)

Bedtime Bath (Johnson & Johnson type)

Berrylicious Soap (A perfect mix of berries and soap! Top notes of sweet berries, blended nicely, with a mild soapy base scent)

Berry Banana (CUSTOM Scent. A trifecta of our delicious berries, perfectly blended with our strong and delicious banana)

Birds of Paradise (Custom scent. Sweet, not floral. Top berry notes softened with vanilla and coconut milk)

Birthday Cake

Blackberry - Delicious smelling! So strong, sweet and and a perfect ripened blackberry scent.

Black Dahlia - CUSTOM SCENT! A sweet and strong blackberry scent, with mild floral notes. Perfectly blended for those that love sweet and floral.

Blackberry Harvest - Our perfect smelling, juicy and yummy blackberry oil, smoothly blended with our signature "spicy" oils. Good for fall!

Black Cherry

Black Cherry Harvest (An intense, spicy, black cherry scent, with mild hints of cinnamon. Perfect for fall and winter)

Black Cherry Leather (Leather and Black Cherry. Cherry smell is a little more intense than regular Cherry Leather)

Black Linen (Love this one! Fresh linen with top notes of licorice. Spicy and seductive. Light hints of floral at the end. Exotic. A must try!)

Black Pearl (CUSTOM SCENT! This is a COMPLEX clean and slightly seductive scent. Blended nicely with smooth hints of coconut. Mysterious and dark. Beautiful just like a "black pearl")

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Blueberry (A true blueberry scent. Mildly sweet)

Blueberry Harvest (A true blueberry scent with added spice. A nice fall scent)

Blueberry Cheesecake (SCENTSY type. Strong blueberry scent, with hints of cheesecake. This fragrance oil is dark in color).

Blueberry Muffin (Plump and juicy blueberries, perfectly blended with vanilla and hints of bread. Lightly accented with brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon).

Blueberries 'n' Cream (Our true Blueberry scent, mixed with our uniquely delicious sweet cream)

Blue Gardenia (For Gardenia lovers. A trifecta of gardenia flowers, blended with the hint of other exotic flowers to create this PERFECT Gardenia scent)

Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher Type (smells JUST like the candy. Sweet and yummy)

Blue Sugar (For PINK SUGAR lovers! This is the male version of the very popular, PINK SUGAR. Smells JUST LIKE Pink Sugar, with the slightest hint of a cologne undertone.)

Blush (CUSTOM PERFUME scent. A sweeter Bombshell. Fun and lively. Hints of Vanilla and perfumy sugar.  AMAZING!}

Bombshell (VS perfume type)

Brazilian Coffee (sweet and smooth coffee scent)

Bubblegum (Juicy and delicious Bazooka bubblegum smell. Yum!)

Bump "N" Grind (Fruity and sexy)

Butt Naked (Smells just Scentsy's Skinny Dippin'.  A tropical fruity scent.  Perfect blend of fresh melon, sweet strawberries,  juicy apples and pears. Barest hint of vanilla smooths it at the end.)

Cafe Latte (Rich, sweet and super creamy, coffee scent)

Caramel Latte (A smooth, creamy and wonderfully delicious coffee scent with hints of caramel)

Caribbean Escape (BBW Type. Island breeze of fresh pineapple, casaba melon & creamy coconut. Sweet and amazing!)

Carnival Corn (Yum! Smells like the sweet kettle corn you get at a fair)

Central Park Pralines (SCENTSY Type. A decadent confection of rich roasted pecans, buttery caramel, and cinnamon sugar). GREAT fall scent!

Cherry Almond (This classic cherry scent with hints of almond)

Cherry Apple (A custom cherry blend, mixed with our delicious Macintosh apple)

Cherry Barkwood (CUSTOM SCENT! An earthy, woody, bark scent perfectly blended with a deep cherry fragrance. Wonderful!)

Cherry Leather (Wild Cherry and Leather)

Cherry Lemonade - our sweet and delicious Cherry perfectly mixed with a sweet but tart Lemon. Delicious!

Cherry Tobacco (Our smooth and pleasing tobacco scent with hints of cherry to sweeten it)

Christmas Eve (a traditional and pleasing holiday pine, with a hint of cinnamon)

Christmas Lights (Our AMAZING pine scent, with hints of cherry)

Christmas Tree (A nice Christmas pine, reminiscent of the holidays)

Chunky Monkey (custom scent. Banana fruity and delicious)


Cinnamon Vanilla

Citronella Orange (STRONG Citrus Clean)


Coconut Cream (Coconut milk, with hints of vanilla and butterscotch)

Coconut Leather

Coconut Lemongrass (SCENTSY type. Smells just like the original. Creamy, tropical coconut with a bright and sunny lemongrass)

Clean Cotton (nice clean scent)

Cool Citrus Basil (BBW Type)

Cool Water (Cologne type)

COTTON CANDY ( Smells just like hot spun cotton candy you get at the fair. Sugary sweetness!)

Cowboy Britches (Cologne/Leather Blend)

Cowboy Joe (A "wake you up: coffee scent, with hints of leather)

Cowgirl Britches (Lightly sweet leather blend)

Cranberry (A true cranberry scent. A little tart)

Cranberry Apple Pie

Cranberry Leather

Cranberry Orange

Cranberry Spice

Cranberry Vanilla

Crazy Cowgirl (Similar to Nude Cowboy)

Creamy Banana (HEAVENLY!! Our AMAZINGLY yummy banana mixed with a sweet and smooth cream. A hint of coconut milk is added at the end to perfect it.You will LOVE it!)

Creed Imperial Millesime (Cologne type. A close TYPE to this $300 men's cologne. Not overpowering)

Creme Brulee (Intense and decadent. Yummy!)

Cucumber Melon

Dark Alley - An alluring blend of several colognes, perfectly combined, to make you wonder, what dark and handsome man, lies down that "Dark Alley"! What mysteries does he hold???

Drakkar Noir (Cologne Type)

Egg Nog  (Custom blended by us. Just like the Christmas Egg Nog drink. Sweet and yummy!)

Enchanted Mist (SCENTSY Type. A romantic blend of juicy apples, enhanced and sweetened by rose petals and rich jasmine)

Ethereal Bliss (Like the name suggests, this is a very celestial and divine scent. Quite airy and beautiful! Stone ground Matcha tea leaves perfectly blended with rice milk and clover honey. SWEET notes of pear, lily, lavender and a very soft and sultry musk, sweetens this heavenly scent!)

Eucalyptus (Just like Vicks Vapo Rub. May clear your sinuses!)

Flip Flops (The PERFECT coconut, beachy scent! Loads of creamy coconut perfectly blended with tropical vanilla. A favorite here at BISI. We love this one so much, we had it made into wax melts!!)

French Toast (Smells just like freshly made french toast, smothered in hot maple syrup. YUMMMM!)

Fresh Cut Rose

Gain Type

Ginger Snap (SCENTSY Type. Ginger, spice and everything nice, with butter and vanilla. Just like the cookie!)


Grandpa's Tobacco

Graphite (BBW Cologne Type. Sexy and bold blend of sage, bergamot spice & leather woods. Part of BBW Signature Cologne Collection.)

Guava Nectar (SCENTSY Type) -  Strong and fruity! Guava, peach and black currants in a sugary base. Yummy!

Gunslinger (CUSTOM SCENT! Won't find this anywhere else. A multiple cologne and leather blend. Strong, spicy, mischievous, dark, sexy and a little earthy. Intoxicatingly seductive. A must try!)

Huntsman - A strong woodsy scent perfectly mixed with an alluring cologne. Spicy and sexy! Perfect for your man who loves to be outdoors.

Havana Cabana (Scentsy Type. Juicy pineapple mixed with citrus and berries. A yummy, delicious and tropical fruit aroma.)

Hawaiian Breeze

Hemingway (Scentsy type. A poetic masculine fragrance, with apple peel, cinnamon and spices in a leather, sweet wood base)

Honey Dew Melon

Hyssop (Smells like a Lavender essential oil. An aromatic, slightly tart mint. Pleasing & Soothing!  Ancient religious herb, sprinkled in ancient Jewish rites of purification)

Jasmine and Green Apple (BBW Type. A refreshing blend of dewy honeysuckle, green apple & jasmine extract)


Lavender Marshmallows (A sweet, dreamy and delicious blend of Lavender and Marshmallow. Hints of sweet cream, sugars and vanilla further sweeten and smooth this yummy but relaxing scent)


Leather and Lace

Leather Vanilla

Lemon  (Smells just like lemon. Tart)

Lemon Drop (Sweet)

Lick Me All Over (sexy cherry blend)

Log Cabin  (A cozy scent of wintergreens and sharp pine needle enhanced with cinnamon and spice undertones.)

Love Spell (VS PerfumeType)

Luna (Scentsy type)

Mahogany Teakwood

Mahogany & Vanilla (a super earthy Mahogany scent, softened with our super pleasing vanilla)

Majestic Seas (Deep ocean scent of sea moss, cyclamen, geranium, water mint, coriander seed, white Cedarwood & Vetiver)

Manilla Berry (CUSTOM. Vanilla and berry blend)

Mermaid (CUSTOM MADE SCENT! STRONG ocean breezy scent. Multi-layered and complex, Would work GREAT in wax too!)

Midnight Cowboy (CUSTOM SCENT. A manly leather blend. Sultry and Mediterranean cologne tones, blended perfectly with leather. Smooth and Intoxicating)

Monkey Farts (A popular banana blend)


Mulberry Spice

My Dear Watson (Scentsy Type. Not an overpowering cologne scent)

Naked Berry (Butt Naked and sweet berries mixed to create this super sexy scent)

Naked Cowgirl (Leather and a light berry, blend. NICE)

New Car

Night Ice (Cologne type)

Nude Beach (Butt Naked mixed with tropical fruits. Sexy and tropical sweet)

Nude Cowboy (a sexy and sweet leather blend. POPULAR)

Ocean (CUSTOM. One of a kind. Complex and Unique sea/ocean scent)

Oud Wood (New formula! Exotic, manly, sensual and earthy.  Smells like that heady oud wood with a hint of a drak and mysterious manly cologne)

Oud Wood & Vanilla


Orange Leather

Orange Vanilla

Peach Sherbet (Our CUSTOM and OH SO GOOD Peach, mixed with our heavenly, one of a kind sweet cream. Even if you don't like peaches, you may love this scent!)

Peppermint (A nice and pleasing peppermint spell. Not harsh)

Perfectly Peach (Our CUSTOM blended Peach fragrance. Smells just like a perfectly ripened Peach)

Pina Colada

Pineapple (A true and delicious pineapple scent. Smells just like freshly cut, juicy pineapple. We searched for a true pineapple scent and we finally found it)

Pineapple Dream (Our delicious pineapple, mixed with sweet cream, vanilla and coconut milk. Just yummy!)

Pineapple Ginger (Our true pineapple scent mixed with hints of ginger. Slightly tart)

Pine Tree

Pink Coconut Calypso (BBW Type. Smells so good! If you like FLIP FLOPS, you will like this one! Tropical coconut water, seaside freesia, sun-kissed lily, apple & driftwood).

Pink Fluffy Cloud (A powdery, sweet, soft and smooth scent, with scents of sugary cotton candy. Barest hint of gardenia and sandalwood. Heavenly!!!)

Pink Sands Yankee Candle Type Treat yourself to an exotic island escape with the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla in this scented candle. The perfect scent for escaping

Pink Sugar (Perfume type. A perfumy and pleasing Cotton Candy scent)

Pipeliner (Cologne and Leather Blend)

Pumpkin Latte (CUSTOM scent. A smooth but yet slightly spicy, latte with top notes of pumpkin spice and caramel. Smoothed off with sweet cream and vanilla at the end)

Pumpkin Spice (Pumpkin with Cinnamon)

Rain (CUSTOM. Smells like fresh fallen rain)

Rainforest (Smells like a rainforest, Perfect blend of green herbs of Basil and Sage, mixed with Ivy, Freesia, Lilac and Lavender. An outdoorsy green scent. Refreshing and Relaxing)

Rio Rumberry (BBW Type. So heavenly! Exotic blend of juicy papaya, fresh coconut water and a hint of lemon. Sweetly softened with a vanilla undertone.)

Rose Sprinkles (A lightly sweetened, sugary powdered, rose scent. We have taken our true Fresh Cut Rose scent and added some sugary sweetness to it. A soft fragrance)

Sapphire (Exotic manly scent. Cologne like. Top notes of Calabrian bergamot, sicilian lemon, pink peppercorn, rose and  peppermint. Evens off with French lavender, Sandalwood, Vetiver and patchouli)

SANTA'S MAN CAVE (CUSTOM scent. Imagine a woodsy and pine, log cabin scent, with hints of manly cologne. Top and middle notes of fall apple)

Savage (Our new FAVORITE cologne! An intoxicating cologne scent. Mishievously wicked! Spicy heat, leather, clove, florals and hints of licorice. Quite obsessive!)

Scent of Space (Interpreted from Astronaut D. Antonelli's description of the scent of his helmet and space suit smell after a spacewalk. A soapy metallic with granite undertones. Hint of smoky)

Sea Minerals (A wonderful ocean blend of ocean breeze & apple peel with cool notes of blue lotus and eucalyptus. Smoothes off with hints of sea botanicals and sandalwood.)

Sex Bomb - LUSH Type (Sweet and sexy. Floral and fruity. A nice dupe of this popular LUSH fragrance)

Simply Sugar (Smells just like sugar. No frills. No additional smells. Simply sweet sugar)

Sleeping Cowgirl (a relaxing leather blend with hints of lavender)

Sleigh Ride (Our amazing pine, with hints of peppermint and vanilla)

Snake Eyes (Cologne type)

Soria's Sea (CUSTOM scent. VERY strong. A smooth & clean citrus sea scent)

Spiced Apple Pie

Spiced Leather

Spiced Mahogany (A strong earthy mahogany with a hint of spice)

Spiced Orange

Spiced Orange Leather

Spicy Strawberry (Smells JUST like a Red Hot Candy. Our custom Strawberry scent perfectly blended with spices).

Sticky Cinnamon Bun Scentsy Type (Cinnamon and sweet icing with warm, nutty nuances. Smells JUST LIKE a Cinnamon Bun! Yum!)

Strawberry (So sweet and delicious. Like jam)

Strawberries 'n' Cream (Our heavenly Strawberry scent, mixed with our uniquely delicious sweet cream)

Strawberry Leather

Sugared Strawberries (Smells like freshly ripened strawberries, sprinkled with homespun sugar)

Summer Sunset (Such a perfect evening summer scent. Very deep and smooth tropical scent. Top notes of plumeria, pineapple, apple pear perfectly mixed with coconut, passion fruit, peach and vanilla.)

Sun Drenched Cowboy (Imagine a sexy, manly cowboy smell mixed with an ocean breeze. Popular)

Sweet Dreams (A CUSTOM scent. Very pleasing and relaxing sweet blend, with hints of lavender)

"Sweet Like Candy" (Ariana Grande Perfume type. Top notes of sugar frosted blackberries and Italian bergamot.  Middle notes of cassis cream & fluffy marshmallow accord. Mild end notes of vanilla)

Sweet Pea

Tiki Beach (fruity and beachy scent)

Tide Type

Valentine Truffle (CUSTOM SCENT. Smooth and sweet Raspberry, Strawberry and Pomegranate, perfectly blended with a silky chocolate. Yummy!)

Vanilla (A nice vanilla. Hint of butterscotch)

Vixen (An alluring and bold scent. Perfect blend of fruit and floral. Sexy)

Volcano (Smells like BBW "Sun Washed Citrus". A heavenly citrus blend with top notes of sweet and smooth grapefruit. Capri type)

Washed Denim (A nice, clean denim scent)


Watermelon Lemonade (Our CUSTOM blend of Watermelon, Lemon and a little something extra. Smells a little like a Jolly Rancher)

Welcome Home (Scentsy Type. Top notes - Cinnamon, Clove & Firewood. Middle notes - Chai Tea, Nutmeg & Creme Brulee Base notes - Vanilla, Pipe Tobacco & Burnt Sugar)

White Knight (Male version of VS Bombshell)

Whips & Chains (CUSTOM scent. A sexy masculine cologne scent blended perfectly with smooth leather. A little naughty!)

Wild Cherry

Wintergreen (A crisp and frest mint  scent. A true wintergreen)

Winter Candy Apple (BBW Type. An irresistible blend of candied apple and orange zest, with notes of winter rose petals, cinnamon, oak moss, orris and winter musk)

You Go Girl (SCENTSY type. Top notes of Strawberry and Kiwi. Middle notes of Lily of the Valley, Raspberry and White Chocolate. Base notes of Vanilla, Orris Root and Musk)